Wireless Internet Access Audio/Video System

Your Yellow House event will be enhanced by our state of the art wireless internet access system.

About our System:
Operating at 100 mbps, the CISCO Enterprise Wireless Solution offers you secure, filtered internet access, blocking malicious websites and illegal content on the web, to provide a safe and business-friendly environment for the most sensitive of presentations.

Special traffic shaping and network optimization techniques ensure that your connection is not only stable, but optimized for most business activities, including streaming audio and video, and secure communications.

Our system includes:

  • Comcast High Definition Cable service
  • Two High Definition wall-mounted displays
  • Blu-ray Player to play CD’s or Movies
  • Chromecast for use with Android products
  • AppleTV for use with Apple products
  • Wireless 1080p computer to High Definition Display Kit
  • Easily operated control system

Connect to Our System:
Virtual Private Networks and Corporate remote access solutions are fully supported and optimized for stability and throughput as well as speed.

For Both Business and Non-Business Applications:
Content can be streamed wirelessly from Windows devices, Google Chrome and Android devices, as well as Apple devices. You may bring your own device and connect wirelessly to access private content such as e-mail, as well as display presentations on our two wall-mounted displays in the Yellow House. Should you prefer to use the Windows 7 laptop provided by us, you may connect your media presentation either from a flash drive through a USB port, or from a disc via a built-in DVD player on our laptop.