The bridal shower has its roots in the traditional bridal dowry. In the past, if a young woman found herself without an adequate dowry, her sympathetic friends would “shower” her with enough gifts to enable her to set up housekeeping. Similarly, a baby shower is intended to give soon-to-be parents the items they will need to care for their new arrival. Traditionally, these showers are women-only events. Recently, however, men are also starting to participate in events that are specified as couple's showers.

The Yellow House is the perfect place for your bridal or baby shower. We can customize a menu for a light lunch or you may choose to serve a full meal. Either way, the privacy of the Yellow House and attentiveness of the servers will allow you to focus on enjoying the company of your guests and creating lifelong memories. We take the stress out of planning the event and ensure you will have great food in a charming location.