Q. How many guests can The Yellow House accommodate?
A. The Yellow House can accommodate up to 70 guests for a seated meal inside. We can accommodate up to 150 for appetizer parties and outdoor seating.

Q. Is there a rental fee for The Yellow House?
A. No. You will be quoted an all inclusive price depending on the menu you choose. This price will include all food, non-alcoholic beverages, tax and gratuity.

Q. Does The Yellow House serve alcohol?
A. The Yellow House serves beer and wine. The cost is based on consumption.

Q. Does the Yellow House have A/V Equipment?
A. Yes, we have a state of the art system with wi-fi and connectivity for all media presentations. Read full details of wireless internet system with streaming audio and video.

Q. Is The Yellow House wheelchair accessible?
A. Yes, The Yellow House is designed with ramps and handicap restrooms.